Information Management/ Technology is the center of today's complex organization. Success requires making knowledgeable decisions, and that means having the right information available when it is needed. MM3 Technology can ensure the information our clients need is easily accessible and secure.

Our expertise lies in providing the solutions that meet our customer’s needs. We analyze existing systems and identify means for improving functionality and stability. We make your diverse and unique IT needs, our needs. We provide the expertise to ensure continuous operations.

Supported by a talented, highly skilled, motivated and professional engineers, technicians, and specialists in the field of information management/ technology, MM3 Technology provides a spectrum of services in Managed Infrastructure, Enterprise Solutions, and Continuity planning and services. The services provided allow MM3 Technology to establish Total Solutions for our clients.


MM3 will provide highly skilled and experienced IT professionals to support and maintain your infrastructure. Our services include:

  • Network Assessments and Surveys
  • Network Management Services
  • Helpdesk and Desk-side Support
  • Visual Information and Multimedia
  • Asset Tracking and Inventory Management
  • 24/7 Cisco Helpdesk Support

Systems Administration

System administration services include:

  • Database Administration and Management
  • Software Operations and Maintenance
  • Windows System Administration
  • Legacy System Migration